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Kaback Models Herman M Exclusive Interview on Working with Alycia Kaback and The IT Factor

The IT Factor with Alycia Kaback, Herman McCracken, VIP Talent Scout AliHow did you get started at The IT Factor with Alycia Kaback and KMM?

I was at work at Foot Action and was scouted.  I then came in for an open call and have been here ever since.

Have you ever been to one of Alycia Kaback’s VIP Talent Connect Summits?

I went to the VIP Talent Connect Summit in September and it was a great experience.  Everyone was really helpful, and it was a lot less restricting than I thought it was going to be.  I thought you would have to wait your turn to talk with everyone, but it is a lot more open and ran smoother than I thought.  I got to talk to everybody and the advice they provided me with was very helpful.  All the speakers want to inspire you and help you make it in the industry.

What jobs have you done so far?

I’ve done a photo shoot with Duc, and have been signed with KMM, but my first job was on November 1 and 2nd, where I was on the hit TV show Unforgettable.

What was it like being a Kaback Model on the set of Unforgettable?

It was super fun.  There were a lot of cool people and the directors were really fun so they kept everything entertaining.  It was 10 each day on set, but it was a fun and amazing experience.  I would definitely do the show again if the opportunity came up. The role I played was a teenager, as an extra, and was in the background scenes.  I didn’t get to meet the main actors, but I met most of the other supporting people on the show, which was cool.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Just have a good time.  As long as I have my friends or family around, I’m open to anything.

If you could be in any movie or TV show, what would you want to star in? 

I would love to be in Entourage because the cast works super well together and it looks like a blast to be a part of that dynamic.  I would also want to be in an Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell movie, because I’ve always watched their movies and I like comedy.  I can’t be serious for too long, so I would love to have a part in a comedy movie.

What is your favorite type of music?

I like a little bit of everywhere, hip hop, old school soul, and folk music too.

KMM Talent, Herman McCrackenWho do you look up to, actors/model wise?

Will Smith-I like what he represents.

What are your dreams for the future?

Anything.  I want to keep pursuing this and do anything in modeling or acting, as long as I’m enjoying the work I’m doing and meeting fun people.

What would be your dream modeling job?

I would love to be a Calvin Klein suit model.  I really like their clean ads, and landing that job would be a big accomplishment.

What would be your advice to people who are skeptical about coming in to The IT Factor with Alycia Kaback?

Keep an open mind and be aware of what they are actually telling you.  Don’t read too much into it.  It’s not just an agency; it’s a lot of networking and that is a concept that a lot of people don’t realize.  The IT Factor with Alycia Kaback is all about networking and having the right connections in this industry.

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