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KMM Dad Earl Morris, Actor & Founder of Lifeforce Int’l on The IT Factor Philadelphia Tomorrow!

Earl Morris, Terra Nova

The IT Factor with Alycia Kaback will be featuring Earl Morris on February 15 at 7 PM EST on 1360 AM or worldwide at VOCNation.com.  Earl Morris has been many things throughout his life from illusionist, to martial artist, aspiring actor, soldier, and bodyguard, of “at risk” individuals and Hollywood celebrities; however Earl is considered to be “a man on fire” when it comes to advising, training and empowering organizations and individuals in not becoming victims of violence!

Earl has spent more than 20 years, providing close personal protection for various dignitaries, high profile personalities around the world and advising various organizations on the prevention and management of violence from child predators, stalkers and workplace/school violence.

Upon leaving the military Earl completed a double university degree in Sociology. Finding the area of behavioral science fascinating, he later began researching and specializing his studies in this area

Earl has assisted various organizations such as “Youth Hostel Association”, “State Library of Queensland”, Cisco Systems Inc., The Promus Group of Casino & Hotels, Nike, and Tiffany & Co. in various areas of threat assessment and protection.

Earl has been heard and seen shows in U.S. and Australia such as ABC Radio – “Conversation with Richard Fidler as well as “The Ben Fordham Show” in Sydney, Australia and “The Big Couch” in Perth and many others.

He has also provided protection for individuals in “high risk” situations ranging from protecting a family from an organized crime group; to assisting a client and her child who were being stalked by a delusional predator. Earl’s experience with this particular assignment and others involving children contributed greatly to his passion of also educating and empowering parents and their children in the prevention of child victimization.

After spending several years as a bodyguard, as well as an advisor to others on how to read the language of human predators; Earl saw a need for an organization that educated, inspired and empowered parents in a NON FEARFUL way.

Earl founded Lifeforce One International to assist others in the prevention and mitigation of violence and other risks. His vision is to have an organization where those who are living in states of fear and despair can come away having “reality-based” knowledge and empowerment to live their lives with confidence!

Recently Earl worked on a full season of Fox’s Terra Nova.  Read more about his experience in this interview with his daughter, Caoimhe who is signed with Kaback Model Management: Here.

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