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Alycia Kaback Announces Stacia P and Cole T Requested for Bacardi

Kaback Model Management Success StoriesBacardi, KMM Talent ScamAlycia Kaback received an email from Kristian Sorge, owner of Roman Candle Casting and long-serving VIP Talent Connect Industry expert,  requesting two models for a new Bacardi commercial: Stacia P and Cole T who are both signed to our commercial/ print division, Kaback Model Management.

Kristian sent over a very detailed list of directions as is typical with castings.  He requested that the models come between 4 and 5, no earlier, no later, with hair and make- up done.  Cole and Stacia must bring their comp card/ head shot.  There will be no other day of casting.  Kristian said “Please DO NOT contact me about changing the times. If they cannot make it, just let me know.”  Major companies like Bacardi can’t work around your schedule.

Kristian is looking for an interesting mix of looks: GIRL 1 WARDROBE – Think blonde PR girl out after work, nice work clothes or changed into something nice.  Keep it upscale and kind of fun though. GIRL 2 WARDROBE – Dress up like you’re getting ready to go out for the night.  Remember our girl is a bit edgy, dangerous.  We should see it in your wardrobe. GIRL 3 – Our girl is very hip.  Think Williamsburg, Red Hook, East Village.  Working in the music industry, maybe a DJ.  GIRL 4 – Works uptown and goes out a lot.  Dress nice, but not too club-like, not too sexy,  but a nice upscale look. GUY 1 – The hip musician type.  Think williamsburg. GUY 2 – Very cool-  think Pharrell or Kanye.  Creative type.  industry hip clothes.  out for the night. GUY 3  WARDROBE – ready to go out for the night but coming Coming straight from work with  an expensive suit or tie and pants.  Please look very nice and upscale.

Alycia Kaback and everyone at Kaback Models is excited to see how this commercial will look when it’s done!

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