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Alycia Kaback Presents Allison O & Bethan M for P. Luca 4 Barami

Bethany M, Kaback Model Management Philadelphia angencyKMM Talent Allison O and Bethany M got booked for P.Luca 4 Barami event.  Alycia Kaback wanted to share a little history on this amazing brand:

Since 1980, Barami has been a fixture on the New York fashion scene, bringing professional women the quality, affordable, fashion-conscious and versatile clothing they need to move easily from a day in the office to an evening out. Now, founder of Barami, Bahram Hakakian, and his daughters Neda and Nika, are proud to announce the launch of P.Luca for Barami and the extension of the Barami brand.

At 24, fashion designer Bahram Hakakian opened his first retail location, Barami, with a vision of bringing women high quality, fashionable clothing for an affordable price. His daughters, Neda and Nika grew up loving fashion and began working in the Barami retail locations at age 16. “Fashion has always been our passion and we fantasized about the day we could be like our father. We literally could not wait to start working,” says Neda. They now hold senior management positions within the company – Neda is currently the VP of Merchandising and Nika is the District Manager of the retail locations.

As Neda and Nika grew within the company, they sought for something they believed was missing; a line that related to their father’s designs of fashion classics to be enjoyed by younger women. They began to collaborate with Bahram on a line that was specific enough to complement the Barami brand, while still being affordable and of lasting quality. As a compliment to Barami’s recently launched high end, Patritzia Luca Milano line, Neda and Nika developed the P.Luca for Barami line, which according to Nika is like the “Daughter of Barami.”

The Hakakian sisters wanted to update the Barami clothing line to make it understandable and affordable for girls in their position, or “P.Luca ladies” as they call them – confident, fashion-conscious working women who want to look professional, but not over-do it. They also wanted to create a brand that was desirable and obtainable for young, working women, but that was not so generic. “P.Luca stands alone from the mass markets of the “H&Ms,” where everyone on the street is wearing the same thing as you,” says Neda.

Neda and Nika believe that P.Luca will be the next big thing for Barami because customers will appreciate the fact that P.Luca pieces are always made to be of great quality; and you can’t find it just anywhere, so your look is always unique. It’s not too trendy, it’s affordable, yet fashionable and versatile, and can be worn with everything. The sisters also take great pride in Barami’s customer service. “We devote a lot of focus towards our customer service,” says Neda. “We’re not there to “sell” you, but rather we are there to help you. You’ll walk out knowledgeable and fashionable, and a P.Luca Lady.”

P.Luca for Barami means everything to both Neda and Nika, referring to it as their “baby.” “Anything and everything we do is to achieve the best we can for the P.Luca for Barami brand,” explained Neda.  “In a way, it’s like our baby because we want it to grow and become what we believe it can be, and like a baby we nurture and guide it, and do our best to make sure it turns out the best it can be.”

Alycia Kaback loves sharing stories of successful female entrepreneurs.  Allison and Bethany just went to the casting and got booked on the spot.  Alycia Kaback is so excited for them.   Read some tips from Alycia Kaback, so you can be on your way to success too!

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