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Kaback Model Arden Ytterberg by Jory Clay Sutton

And the Summer just got hotter! Introducing New Face Arden Ytterberg @ [Colby Models NYC]. Standing 6’0 (183cm), this exotic 23 yrs old, Philadelphia based talent who’s quickly on the rise, shares with us a few intimates about himself, in study shot by memory keeper Jory Clay Sutton, and grooming by Kai Waterton Arden A: “Ubber nerd here, so All things nerd culture (comics, video games, cartoons, sci if, fantasy, film, ext). Hogwarts for life! Running, so much so that it’s detrimental to my body. Working out is like breathing for me, I wont feel normal unless I’ve worked out for day, and it’s doesn’t necessarily mean at the gym; I love keeping myself very active. Fraking love to eat all the food, luckily my super human metabolism allows me to consume quantities that could feed scores of people. I also fully enjoy being lazy and doing nothing, shhh don’t spread that around! Karaoke, which may be more a life choice then a interest. But above all things, I love modeling especially as it seems to love me and plan to go as far with it as I super humanly can!



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