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Kaback Model Tyreese Liverpool Shooting Blue Bloods Monday!

Tyreese Liverpool, AFTRA Actors PhiladelphiaTyreese Liverpool will be playing the role of a Bartender in Blue Bloods- he is shooting tomorrow!  He was instructed bring black pants, black shoes, black belt and a white dress shirt. He will be calling in tonight at 6 PM  to get the rest of his info.  Since signing with Kaback Model Management, Alycia Kaback has notices Tyree’s name coming up a lot.  He’s done a lot of castings and bookings in short time for having just started out.  However, this booking is a little different this time–  the casting director instructed,  ”He also has to get an I9, so have him bring either a US PASSPORT, US unexpired Photo Id w/ a SS# CARD or a perm resident card.”  These special instructions are given because this time Tyreese will be receiving an AFTRA waiver.  He is one step closer to being eligible for the union benefits and speaking roles!  Read about another one  of Alycia Kaback’s Models Ryan Huttar who received his AFTRA card!  Alycia Kaback is so excited for Tyreese and can’t wait to see the episode.

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