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Kaback Models Exclusive Spotlight on Caiden S by VIP Talent Scout Ali

VIP Talent Scout Ali M, Caiden Spector, KMM Success StoriesAt only 4 years old, Caiden Spector has already done what most kids can only dream of doing-be a part of the Toys R Us Christmas Catalog!  Caiden and her dad Steve came into VIP Talent Connect and KMM office to tell us about their experiences thus far and thoughts about the future.  Caiden has shot for Toys R Us, been on The Rachael Ray Show and shot for a children’s apron collection!

Caiden, what do you like to do when you’re not at school or doing photo-shoots?

I like to play playdoh, go swimming, play with my friends and play Barbie’s.

What is your favorite movie and favorite shows on T.V?

Dorothy and Tangled are my favorite movies.  I like iCarly, especially Sam from the show, Victorious and SpongeBob.

Rachel Ray, Caiden Spector, VIP Talent ConnectWhere do you see your future in T.V?

I want to be on Victorious, iCarly and SpongeBob as Sandy.

What is your favorite type of music?

I love Justin Bieber and want to meet him and Selena Gomez.

What do you think of the modeling so far?  Have you had a lot of fun?

It’s a lot of fun.  Both the Rachael Ray shoot and the Toys R Us shoot were my favorites.  I liked posing with the baby doll for the Toys R Us shoot.  It was yucky playing in the dirt on Rachael Ray, but it was still fun.

Did you get to keep anything from any of the shoots you did?


No, but there were a lot of toys.

VIP Talent Connect Summit, KMM TalentDo you want to still do this when you’re older?

Yeah, I want to be a singer and sing a song with Justin Bieber, and be a model and become famous.

Dad:  and you want to be a doctor.

Who do you look up to?


A true Daddy’s girl! Dad, what are your thoughts on this whole experience so far?


It’s very mood lifting and a whole different experience-a good experience.  We’ve never had the right connections until now, so it’s very good.

Have you had any issues in the past that might have made you skeptical at first?

Caiden was scouted at the mall once by another company and we paid a couple thousand dollars for pictures, but we are still waiting for a phone call for something to happen.  Kaback Models has been great though.

Being a single dad, has this been difficult for you?

No, I have a family business, so I can take off when I need to.  If I can’t, I have strong family ties, so someone can always take her if I can’t.

Kaback Models, VIP Talent Scout, Caiden SpectorIs it a big time commitment?

It hasn’t been too bad.  It is short notice sometimes, but we haven’t had any issues.  Traveling isn’t an issue and I don’t mind having to go to either New Jersey or New York City.

Are you worried about her missing school?

I’m not worried about it yet, because she isn’t in Kindergarten yet, but I’ll worry about it when the time comes.

Caiden doesn’t have a favorite shoot, but do you have a favorite one that she’s done already?

The Just Like Home apron shoot she just did.

What are your hopes for her?

I want her to enjoy what she is doing; experience new things, new people and new places.   I don’t have to worry about what might happen in the future yet, regarding the pressures of models today.  In the future I’ll have to have a tight grip.

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Here is a Picture of Caiden with CEO Alycia Kaback:

Rachael Ray, Caiden Spector

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