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KMM Talent Requested for Electric Touch Video: Brittany S, Kristen G, Petya Y and Many More!

KMM Talent, Brittany Samuelson, Electric Touch

Alycia Kaback is excited to announce that nearly 50 KMM Talent have been requested for another music video, this time for Electric Touch!  With members hailing from both sides of the Atlantic this exciting 5-piece delivers a unique brand of British-American Rock music.  The result is Electric Touch, the type of unbridled rock band that’s been missing from the scene for quite awhile — a monster of a group whose sound is big enough to fill an arena.

The chemistry was instantaneous. Shane, who’s originally from Nottingham, England, landed in Austin, met guitarist Christopher and things just clicked. Soon Christopher’s twin brother Louis left Houston and headed to Austin to join Electric Touch on drums. “After our second session I realized I needed to stop everything else I was doing in my life and pursue this band full time,” says Louis. “It was the first time I could actually listen to one of my songs and have total confidence in what I was doing.”

They are set to take the world on in 2011 with appearances at SXSW as well as the Coachella Festival in April followed by their soon to be released new album on Island Records, produced by Grammy-nominated Producer of the Year, Howard Benson.


Kristen Gibbs, Kaback Model ManagementElectric Touch shot off to an impressive start. Soon after their mercurial formation in 2007, the four-piece played their first show that December and immediately signed a deal with Texas label – Justice Records.  Before their debut album was even set to hit stores in the summer of ’08, the band was confirmed to rock the stages ofCOACHELLA!  They also wowed crowds at SXSW, and appeared at the LOLLAPALOOZA,  AUSTIN CITY LIMITS and BONNAROO Festivals!

Austin.com wrote, “How good are they live?  Enough that we’re going out on a limb to call Electric Touch the best set of the (ACL) fest.”

The songs they write are essentially tales of Ordinary Life in Glorious Technicolor.  The stories are about Love and the Human Condition, with poetic lyrics depicting the many sides human condition is all its fortune, fickle and flaws.

Electric Touch’s eponymous debut record is compelling from start to finish, full of ever-changing moods and textures. “Who Put The Fire Out?” which starts out with subtle, syncopated piano and culminates with a soaring, old-school wave-your-lighter-in-the-air guitar solo, packs not only power chords but a powerful message.  Melodic.net joins the chorus of praise, adding, “The brilliant opening track “Love In Our Hearts” should be stuck like superglue to every single radio station’s hit mix…”


Petya Yaneva, Alycia Kaback Success StoriesUpon its release, Electric Touch debuted at number one on FMQB Radio with their first single and snagged the #1 spot on Amazon.com on the day of release with another.


The backbone of the band is the bulletproof rhythm section, now infused with the power of members, Isaac Strycker (Guitar/Keys/Vocals) and Portland Musser (Bass/Vocals). The band delivers a pounding beat, big enough to fill a stadium, and punctuated by killer bass lines.  Dynamic guitars bring angular melodies refreshing in simplicity one moment then exploding into frenzied fury the next. Vocal hooks and harmonies delivered like an urgent call to arms scream “The future is now”.

Everyone at VIP and KMM cannot wait to see how the video will come out!

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