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Talent Scout for Philadelphia Ali Interviews James O of Kaback Models

James Olivieri, Alycia Kaback Success StoryHow did you first get started with the company?

I was scouted on South Street by one of Alycia Kaback’s Talent Scouts for Philadelphia and it was dumb luck that I was turning down the same corner that she was.  She just stopped me on the street and I came in for an open call and was invited back on Mother’s Day and then just kept coming back whenever I was told to.

Was this something you ever thought you could do or wanted to do?

I knew I could do it, but I never really imagined doing it.  It seemed so far off and out of the ordinary.  Alycia Kaback and The IT Factor gave me the opportunity to see that my dreams were possible.

What made you decide that KMM was the right thing for you?

The people and the surroundings, especially Alycia and how she made me feel when I was here.  I never had a bad feeling about anybody or any of the events or auditions.  At the beginning, it could seem overwhelming about having to pay money to go to VIP Talent Connect Summits, but the more I came in, the more I felt comfortable and trusting towards everybody.

What is the time commitment like?

It is an everyday thing.  You have to always be conscious of what you’re doing and how you treat your body.  “You get paid for the waiting and everything else is free.”  It could be a 10 hour day, but it’s worth it for the end result.  You just have to find a way to entertain yourself while you wait and it’s a good chance to practice meditation.

What are your thoughts about the VIP Summit since you have already experienced one?

I went to the September 17th VIP Summit and it is such a great place to meet and network with the entire industry ranging from music, film, acting to fashion and modeling.  It’s all under one roof-a one stop shop that is a unique event that anybody and everybody can benefit from.

What are some of the jobs you’ve done so far?

I’ve been to New York with Robert Russell for one-on-one acting classes.  I was supposed to do the Paul Mitchell hair show next weekend but I’m the best man in a wedding.

Talent Scout for Philadelphia with Vip Talent Connect & Alycia KabackWhat was that experience like working with Robert Russell?

Intense.  It’s an hour that feels like an eternity, but in a good way.  It is ground-breaking for me because I’ve never known the ins and outs of acting.  Because he is so knowledgeable and passionate about it, it’s a great experience.

Do you prefer modeling or acting?

I’m on an acting kick, but I keep both options open.  I was brought in for music, but now I’ve done a 180 to acting.  It brings out a lot of personality that you keep battled down because of routine life.

I would love to do some big feature film and work with outstanding directors or producers such as Martin Scorcese or the Cohen Brothers.  To work on Arrested Development, who are doing 10 new episodes and a movie, would be my dream as a principal extra or anything with the cast.  To be around that cast and crew would be awesome.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

Work and just the knowledge that I can acquire from any facet of the industry and any opportunity that presents itself.  To get more in depth with every nook and cranny, whether its acting, modeling or music in order to gain a greater understanding of the industry as a whole.

To rule the world if all else fails!

What are your goals in both life and acting?

To always be myself, no matter what popularity or notoriety I gain.  Just be real to myself and be true to everyone around me and never forget where I come from, all while ruling the world.  To help as many people as I can with anything that I am given.

In acting, I want to be able to master the craft and dredge up the ability to immerse myself in every role and every action.   To work with masters in the industry in their own craft and learn everything I can from every actor, producer, director, down to everybody-grips included.  Never give up.  It was always a favorite as a kid to direct, write and boss people around with what to do, but I like how being in front of the camera brings out your personality.  You can just learn things about yourself that you’ve never known were there.

What do you want casting agents to come away with after working with you or meeting you?

A great first impression and a lingering remembrance of me.  To stop the rest of the casting process and say “that’s it we found it.”  I really want them to come away with a greater understanding of my passion and dedication.

What do you like to do outside of acting?

I enjoy music and I play the guitar, bass, and piano to relieve stress.  I also like to play roller and ice hockey all while rooting for our Philadelphia sports teams.  I enjoy my friends and family as much as possible and just like to have a good laugh.

If you could be in any movie or TV show, what would you want to be in?

Arrested Development

Any actors/actresses that you look up to?

Gary Oldham because he’s an amazing actor and Jason Bateman for his timing and good comedic character actor.  Brian Cranston from Breaking Bad because he brings such life to any character that he plays, especially in Breaking Bad.  He is so real-he bleeds it.  George Clooney since he’s such a prominent Hollywood icon.

James Olivieri, KMM Talent Success Stories Has your life changed a lot since becoming involved with Kaback Models?

Yes and No.  I have something to strive for now-a path that has presented itself to me.  I’m more open to changing my daily routine, down to diet and learning monologues.

And no because I don’t let anything really go to my head and I never forget who I am.  I’m always “representin’”.  Alycia and everyone at VIP Talent Connect won’t let me lose track of myself and keeps me humble.

Have you thought about what life would have been like if you didn’t come into that open call?

Life would just be mundane, boring, and monotonous and very routine.  I wouldn’t have the fire and passion to do what I’m doing today in going after my dreams.  I would have pigeon-holed myself into thinking I would be stuck at a desk-job my entire life.  It’s definitely changed for the better.  If I didn’t come in, I would have closed the door to all this opportunity and all the people I’ve met and the experience I’ve gained in such a short amount of time.

Who was the person you’ve met that is most exciting?

Alycia Kaback because she is so lively, down to earth, real and genuinely excited to see everybody move forward.  To see the woman who runs the show and to see how natural and easy she makes everything look was exciting.

Nikki Blonsky because she is so genuine and determined about everything she does.  From her, I’ve learned to never forget where I’ve come from, as she does.  The advice she gave me was to “never give up” and “if you want it bad enough, you’ll make it happen.”

Robert Russell because he is such a positive influence.  He is the only person who could pump me up via email at 7:45 in the morning about a meeting a week away and I am so excited that I wake up and am on time at work.

Who would you like to meet?

Paul McCartney because he is one of the two last living Beatles alive whose been through Knighthood and has done so much for pop culture and charity.  He’s still kicking in the music business and it’s been 5 decades.  Who he knows and everything he knows would be remarkable to hear.

What would be your advice to people wanting to join, but are not quite sure this is the right thing for them?

It always starts with the disclaimer:  don’t believe everything you hear or see that is negative because I’m real and I’ve been around this place for some time.   The IT Factor and VIP Talent Connect like a home and family, which is a great comfortable feeling to have.  Everyone is rooting for you and they want to see you succeed.

Do you want to someday become a member of SAG?

At this point, I would say yes.  It’s only another stepping stone to the unlimited knowledge of people in the industry, as well as the information that I could learn from those who’ve gone before me, as long as they waive the membership fee.  It’s just another step to taking over the world!

To sign-up for modeling, acting and or music please visit The It Factor Productions at http://www.theitfactorproductions.com


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