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Alycia Kaback Not a scam, KMM Talent, Agencies in Philly

Alycia Kaback: Washington Roberts Collection Books KMM Talent

Kaback Models Caralin Curcio, Bethany Morgan, Madison Gray and Rickale Jackson went to the casting for Washington Roberts and got booked for the job!  Rickale above, has been seen on this blog a few times.  Caralin who is pictured at right was just recently signed about a month ago, but has booked multiple test shoots and jobs already!  Alycia Kaback→  Read Post

Robert Larkin, KMM Talent Success Stories

Alycia Kaback and The IT Factor Philadelphia Present KMM Talent for Gotham (TV 2012)

The IT Factor Philadelphia’s KMM Talent just did a large booking for Gotham, and upcoming made-for-TV movie produced by 20th Century.  Gotham’s plot revolves around a female cop who discovers a magical world that exists within New York City that is unseen by normal humans and reinvents popular landmarks in a magical otherworldly manner.  Gotham stars Barry Sloane, Mike Houston→  Read Post

Chelsea Cole, Kaback Model Management Philadelphia Agencies

Alycia Kaback Submits KMM Talent for Gavin DeGraw Music Video

Alycia Kaback submitted many Kaback Models for an upcoming video for Gavin DeGraw. KMM Talent submitted were Paige M, Alexandra K, Angelique D, Bethany M, Chelsea C, Genevieve M, Jordyn G, Madison M, Nalya L, Stephanie C, Alisa K, Lindsey M, Lindsey W, Shannon F, and Alexis R. Alycia Kaback is really excited to see who gets booked for this→  Read Post