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Jackie Curry Talent Scout Melissa Jester

Kaback Models Submitted for COSMO

KMM Talent’s President of Talent Services and Head booker Goldie Rocha recently submitted 15 Kaback Models, both males and females, for COSMO Magazine.  Among the women are:  Jackie C, Brittney C, Hannah P, Madison M, Brynne F, Lori Lynne, Paige M, and Julia D.  Alycia Kaback is so excited for each of them.  Lori Lynne’s mother is actually a VIP Talent Scout. Each model on KMM Talent→  Read Post

Elizabeth Valentine, Ryan Colby

Alycia Kaback Updates on Elizabeth V

Elizabeth is now staying with a friend during the week and working in Philly on the weekends – Shes been in NYC all week and Ryan has kept her supremely busy – She is booked for a BEBE presentation tonight in the main store with all the execs and sponsered by COSMOPOLITAN magazine – She is now – as I→  Read Post

CEO Alycia Kaback

Kaback Models Submitted for Cosmo: Kamilya N, Zahney B, Tori L! Also Submitted: Marimar D, Billie O, Laure’ K, Kristen G, and Erica P!

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