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The It Factor Productions: From Greg Salmon to Kirk Salmon

Here at our Philadelphia office we have tons of talent coming through our doors regularly. This is why we regularly host open calls. During this process dozens of aspiring actors, actresses, musicians, singers, and dancers are prescreened before meeting one-on-one with one of our directors. In a way, this process reminds me a little bit of the selection process during→  Read Post

The It Factor Productions

The It Factor Productions announcement: Anyone Can Sign with Kaback Model Management

Here at The It Factor Productions we work with talent of all ages, shapes, and sizes because we are constantly submitting for a wide range of castings. Let’s explore this further. If you are a 75 year old man and acting, singing, dancing, or modeling is something you would love to check off of your bucket list, it can happen.→  Read Post


MTV Casting: So You Think You Can Sing?

Some people familiar with The It Factor Productions are under the misconception that we deal strictly with models and actors. FALSE! Because we are now a Tony Award winning production company, casting directors are contacting our booking agents nonstop. MTV recently reached out searching for fresh, catchy, and new musically inclined talent. Has anyone ever told you that your performances→  Read Post


The It Factor Productions Can Educate You on the Entertainment Industry

Each day dozens of aspiring models, actors, actresses, singers, and dancers come through our doors with little to no knowledge of the entertainment industry. It is important to understand that yes, beauty and talent are important, however, networking is key. Think about it. A hopeful musician may have twenty demo CDs, and many would agree that is more than a→  Read Post


KMM Models Andrijka Keller and Alexandra Niemetz at HBO’s Girls

The It Factor Productions’ Kaback Models Andrijka Keller and Alexandra Niemetz shot recently for HBO’s hit show, Girls.   They were softball spectators.  The staff at KMM Models thinks this is a great opportunity for both their budding acting / modeling careers with the chance for great visibility on one of the most popular television shows of 2013.  It’s certainly→  Read Post

ski-winter-fashion-The It Factor Productions F


The It Factor Productions is a company that combines the traditional model of talent development with technology to enhance client acquisition, engagement and support. In life it is about enjoying the day and we welcome all talent and company staff to take part in our Model and Actor SKI weekend at Camelback Mountain this February 2013. This is a private→  Read Post

Mia Fa

HOT HOT HOT NEWS! The Kaback Model Management (KMM) and Colby Models merged

The merger of Kaback Model Management (KMM) and Colby Models is the hottest collaboration since coffee and ice cream, Tyra and television, peanut butter and jelly? By joining forces we are bringing together a powerhouse of talent and industry expertise that’s prepared to take the world by storm. This collaboration of Kaback Model Management (KMM) and Colby Models is a bold statement in uniting the commercial and high fashion worlds,→  Read Post

Greg Salmon, KMM International

Greg Salmon KMM International Model Arrives in Beijing

Kaback Model Management’s Greg Salmon will spending the summer modeling throughout Asia.  He recently arrived Beijing this week! All the top worldwide agencies are in Beijing and Shanghai and Hong Kong.  The major cities are very competitive though, as fashion modeling in the fastest growing fashion market is attracting many Europeans.  KMM has plans in motion to open it’s first international office in Shanghai this→  Read Post

The IT Factor Philadelphia castings

Genevieve M. Selected for Go-See for The Big Bang

Kaback Models President of Agency Services Goldie Rocha submitted many girls for this casting, but they chose only one- Genevieve M.  [Check out this music video featuring Sean Kingston with extras from Kaback Models.]  Genevieve’s go-see is for the lastest Big Bang music video.  Sometimes the casting calls for music videos are a bit  more narrow-focused and require a special skill or→  Read Post

James Olivieri

Spotlight on a Kaback Model: James O

There I was…walking down South Street minding my own business when a voice commanded me to stop. “Excuse me!”– It was more of a demand than a question. Puzzled, I kept walking straight, on the same path past the young lady, believing I was merely going to pass her, my eyes forward. “Excuse me!!” I looked back over my left→  Read Post