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Exclusive Interview with VIP Industry Expert Stephen DeAngelis on Working with Alycia Kaback and VIP Talent Connect

VIP Talent Connect, Stephen DeAngelis, VIP Talent Scout AliWhat do you do in the entertainment industry?

Currently, I am on staff at Grey Worldwide in New York City and I am a Casting Director.  I am responsible for casting television and radio commercials for our clients, who are major advertisers in the United States and globally, such as Olive Garden, Advil, Red Lobster, and Robitussen.

How did you first get involved with Alycia Kaback and The It Factor?

I knew Bill Apter, who had recommended me to VIP Talent Connect. [Read Bill Apter's interview on working with Alycia Kaback].  Alycia Kaback reached out to me four years ago, and I’ve been coming to summits ever since. 

How do you think VIP Talent Connect can help people achieve their dreams?

I think the key to anything is access and persistence.  VIP gives people a place to focus their energy and serves as an access point to people in the industry.

Why do you keep coming back to VIP Talent Connect Summits?

I believe that casting directors are only as valuable as their resources.  My schedule is so busy during the week that I can’t meet with as many actors as I would like to.  Coming to VIP Networking Summits allows me to meet a diverse group of people from different backgrounds. 

How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

I started as a child performer, and then branched off into directing, then producing and casting my own projects.  From casting my own projects, I got a reputation for the quality of my castings, which people took notice of, and then wanted me to cast their projects.  I went from casting theatre productions to television and commercials.

Why did you decide to become a part of the entertainment industry?

I’ve always loved problem solving, and I always find a great challenge in making someone else’s creative vision come to life.  Using my skills and creativity to make that project a living breathing organism is something that really appeals to me and I thrive on the challenge.

Stephen DeAngelis, Kaback Models WorkshopWho are some companies that you have done castings for that VIP Talent may have an opportunity to be in?

I’ve done Campbell’s Soup, M&Ms, British Airways, FisherPrice, Maybelline, Miller Lite, Wendy’s, Colgate, Febreeze, Pringles, Smuckers, SlimFast, Dominos, Botox.  The list is endless because I’ve cast over 3000 commercials, and have pretty much covered all major advertisers.

What is the casting experience like?

Each job presents its own special set of challenges.  Sometimes the process can feel long and drawn out, and sometimes the process requires the luxury of time; other times the time table is very compressed, so it is different every time.  There is no hard and set rule for castings, which is one of the challenges I like.

What is the casting process like?

Most of the talent that I see comes from agents or managers.  However, that doesn’t preclude me from seeing people who don’t have representation.  I’m more likely to see talent that doesn’t have representation in if have time.  I put the breakdown to agents and managers, and they submit me a list of who they think fits.  Then, I hold auditions with those people.  I then submit the audition session to the creative director who makes selections, and then hold callbacks.  I then give my recommendations to the clients and hopefully the client will hire the talent we want.  We always provide the client with a backup choice as well.  Usually the person who is hired is either the person we chose or the backup.  If that doesn’t happen, then we have to step back and reevaluate the talent pool.  It can be a quick process, or drawn out, but usually it is on a fast track.  Sometimes we need approval really quickly, because we need wardrobe’s approval to be able to shoot on scheduled shoot days.

What was your favorite casting that you did?

That is like asking someone to pick their favorite child.  I look at each casting as having its own value and experience.  My favorite is whichever one I’m doing right at that moment.

Have you been able to find talent at VIP Talent connect Summits?

 A lot of the talent that I’ve met at Alycia Kaback’s VIP Networking Summits have signed with talent agencies in New York.  So, when agents submit them to me, I have a clear sense of who they are because I remember seeing them at the summit.

What is your favorite move?

The Princess Bride

Stephen DeAngelis, Aaron Carter, VIP Talent Connect If you could be on any movie or TV show, what would you want to be a part of?

MASH because the writing was so wonderful.

If you could be in any commercial, what would you want to be in?

The DIRECTV commercial with the Russian guy, Gregory and the baby Giraffe.

What would be your advice to people trying to break in to the entertainment industry?

 Do your homework and your research.  Be prepared and consistent.  Honor your obligations.  Don’t give up.  Realize that the business is constantly evolving, so be ready to evolve with it.

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