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Kaback Models and Heavyweight Boxing Champ Eddie Chambers Exclusive Interview

Eddie Chambers, Kaback Model ManagementHow did you first get started with KMM?

I was approached by a VIP Talent Scout– I don’t know why, but I was.  I then came in for an open call and met with Alycia Kaback.

What was your meeting with Alycia Kaback at The IT Factor like?

It was fun.  A friend and I came in and it was fun and interesting.  I deal with boxing on a regular basis, so it was a refreshing situation to sit down with someone like Alycia Kaback and talk about taking pictures instead of taking punches; at least for a small period of time. She is really great to work with. [Follow this link for more insight on Alycia Kaback and working with The IT Factor.]

What made you decide to sign with KMM?

I was approached by someone from another company 3-4 months ago, but then I found out the company was a rip off because they just wanted an outrageous fee for pictures.  Being that I know professional photographers, I knew that was a scam.  I’m always optimistic, so I came in to The It Factor and VIP Talent Connect because it wasn’t the same and now I’m learning that this isn’t a scam and I like to give people a shot.  I’m giving myself a shot.

Was this something you ever thought of doing before?

After boxing, I had a thought that maybe I could do movies, but people always say they want to be in movies.  I never thought that I had the look and was a shy person.  It was difficult for me in the past to open up, so I never thought I had a shot.  But I came here to give it a shot, and surprisingly you guys liked me.  I had low self-esteem as a kid and was passive, but it has been a long time coming with building my confidence and working on making a name for myself.

Eddie Chambers, The IT Factor Alycia KabackHave you done any modeling or anything like this before?

I’ve taken professional pictures before, but it was only for boxing.  I’ve been on camera and spoken in front of large crowds, but only for boxing.  I’ve never had any experience acting, but I feel like I could and I’ll at least try it.  I watch movies all the time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I can do what they do.  I’m willing to try any of it and I’m willing to get my face seen.  This will give me the opportunity to gain a big fan base.  You never know what will come of the jobs you get and what that can lead to.  I did walk in a Banana Republic Fashion show once where I looked ridiculous, but they just needed someone to walk, so I did.

Do you have a dream modeling or acting job you want to do?

Just being there is enough and being recognized or being a co-star in a movie.  I wouldn’t want to see my movies after I make them though.  My dream would be for people to want me in something.  I would be in Rocky if I could.  This opportunity can do a lot for me and for my career, so I’m excited to see where it leads.

We have to talk about boxing.  You are a Heavy Weight Boxing Champion.  How did you get started boxing and how successful have you been?

I’ve been boxing for 15 years.  I’ve fought overseas in Germany, The Grand Cayman Islands, St. Lucia, and all over the U.S.  It’s been the one thing that has been my constant for the majority of my life.  As a kid, my dad was into it and I didn’t start until I was about 14 years old.  As an amateur, I recorded close to 100 fights.  As a professional, I’ve had 36 wins, 2 losses, with 18 knockouts.  I’m the smallest heavyweight in the division, but I’m the most feared.  I’m very meticulous, not just in boxing.  I’m really focused on every detail and want to get better. [Check out the official sight of Eddie Chambers.]

KMM TalentWho is your inspiration and why?

In boxing, Evander Holyfield, because he didn’t talk a lot of crap and didn’t put a lot of street into his boxing.  He had a blue-collar attitude:  he worked on his craft, had the heart of a lion, and would fight you until the very end.  He was a master technician who knew what he was doing and fought almost everyone he could and is still fighting today.  That determination and focus is something I admire, but I would like to be long retired at the age of 46, unlike him.  Mohammed Ali is someone I would also like to model myself after because he changed lives and was the most inspiring sports figure that you could name.  He is the biggest star and made the biggest difference, not just for boxers, but for people in general.  He is an inspiration to all.  If I could be half of what he is in regards to speaking up and being myself, in the ring and outside, it would be much better.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I want to be remembered for whatever I do.  Fame is nice, but you have to do positive things and work to influence people in order to be remembered in all the different aspects.  Not everything is about money.  Everybody wants to have a safe income, which is something that I do want, for my family and friends.  I want to make sure they are all safe and happy with no worries or fears of not being able to function because of being broke.


Outside of boxing, what else do you like to do?

I love playing basketball, bowling, and playing video games.  I like to feel at peace with whatever I’m doing, whether it’s relaxing at home, going out to movies or clubbing.  I don’t want to feel uncomfortable in situations and I just like to enjoy life.

What do you look for in a photographer?

I’ve worked with a photographer before who would do anything just to get that perfect one shot, whether it’s lying in the mud or taking 100s of pictures.  I want photographers who are able to capture that perfect moment and would do whatever it takes to get it.

Eddie Chambers, Kaback Models ReviewsWhat advice would you give to people who are skeptical about coming in and who think that what we do is not real?

You cannot make a decision before you meet them, you need to give it a try and see for yourself.  People are skeptical at first because of other things that might be going on, but let your optimism run free.  You will be pleasantly surprised-I have been.  It’s been nice so far, and I still have a ways to go.  I don’t mind spending hours at a time here.

How would Alycia Kaback do in the boxing ring?

If she fights anything like she talks, she would do really well.  There’s not much in women’s boxing, but she could make it in the men’s.  She would make me check out of the fight before I even got there.

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