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KMM’s Codie Robinson First Cover Fantastics Mag

KMM Talent Scout, Codie RobinsonKaback Model Management is proud to announce Codie Robinson for his first cover shoot, shot by Sean P. Watters.  Codie Robinson is creating quite a buzz in the fashion industry having just started less than a month ago and having never thought about modeling before the day he was scouted by an Alycia Kaback Talent Scout for KMM.   Despite his skater kid appearance Kaback Talent Scout My saw through his messy hair and T-shirt to the High-end fashion model within.  This cover is for Fantastics Mag, Where Style and Culture Meet in a T-bone collison.  Codie was in a feature called Slinky Vagabond: Hail the hot nomad.   This morning Codie was booked for the biggest show in Fashion Week and he has many other requests flying in.  Alycia Kaback and everyone at KMM Talent is so excited to see Codie’s explosive success.  Check out Codie is this interview for Model Diaries NYC.

Check out the full feature here: http://www.fantasticsmag.com/

The “It” Factor Productions and KMM is currently casting and looking for a wide variety of looks and age ranges from kids to adults. To take the next step, fill out the following information by visiting http://modelingagenciesinpa.com/

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