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Alycia Kaback: Washington Roberts Collection Books KMM Talent

Kaback Model Management, modeling philadelphiaKaback Models Caralin Curcio, Bethany Morgan, Madison Gray and Rickale Jackson went to the casting for Washington Roberts and got booked for the job!  Rickale above, has been seen on this blog a few times.  Caralin who is pictured at right was just recently signed about a month ago, but has booked multiple test shoots and jobs already!  Alycia Kaback believes Washington Roberts is an inspiration as a businessman and a designer.  Check out some photos from the event here: http://fashion360mag.com/2012/04/washington-roberts-fw-2012/

From a very young age, designer Washington Roberts has always been influenced by fashion, which is now his career and passion. Born in Lagos, Nigeria on January 12, Washington was raised by his grandmother Beatrice, a devoted seamstress whose influence has impacted his life and career and continues to serve as his inspiration.

Washington takes pride in all of his creations and picks only the finest materials. He designs pieces that compliment and accentuate a woman’s body. He believes all women should try to look their best everyday and for Washington, that does not always mean following trends. “Fashion is about creating your own style, knowing what works for your body. Finding a few trends that you like that can be incorporated into your own style. When Women look their best so that they also feel their best.”

The “It” Factor Productions and KMM is currently casting and looking for a wide variety of looks and age ranges from kids to adults. To take the next step, fill out the following information by visiting http://modelingagenciesinpa.com/.

To sign-up for modeling, acting and or music please visit The It Factor Productions at http://www.theitfactorproductions.com


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